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Jobhouse Sp. z o. o. [Ltd.] is a nationwide, temporary employment agency, and personal consultancy based in Tricity, with 100% Polish capital and operating on an international level. Our company specializes in recruitment services and hiring personnel. It aims at both companies that want to assign a part of human resources responsibilities to a third-party source, and candidates or unemployed people, who want to change their jobs, or earn additional income.


Jobhouse Sp. z o.o.[Ltd.] has successfully been helping companies from all over the world since 2011 by offering professional customer service and consultancy as well as involvement and timeliness. The confirmation of its reliability is the certificate awarded by National Register of Employment Agencies and also many references. The mission of the company is to contribute to the development of the labour market – employees, companies and local communities. Jobhouse effectively pursues this goal through activation of unemployed and elderly people and giving equal opportunities to women and men on the labour market. Our company closely co-operates with other labour market institutions, such as district centres, Voluntary Work Corps, career centres, associations and foundations engaging in activation of unemployed people and business environment by exchanging knowledge, combining good practices in the area of human resource management, and promoting activities in line with worldwide standards and local law.

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