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Everything we do, we do to connect people - employers with the best employees and employees with the best employers. 


At Jobhouse we effectively combine this with the mission of helping people with business results. We were ranked first among employment agencies in the Pomeranian Voivodeship in the 2017 Gazele Biznesu ranking for the most-dynamically developing companies. We also took first place and a distinction in the Perły HR (HR Pearls) competition for the best recruiters. Our President won the title of Businesswoman of the Year 2016 in the competition organised by Olga Kozierowska and the Sukces Pisany Szminką (Success Written in Lipstick) organisation. We are a member of the Polish HR Forum - an association which brings together the best employment agencies in Poland - and of Pracodawcy Pomorza - the largest and oldest employers' organisation operating in northern Poland.

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Employ on a permanent basis, fill vacancies with the most-talented employees. Whether you need to engage one or many new staff, we know how to reach the best candidates, and involve them in the process. We act quickly and effectively. Sounds interesting?

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Temporary staff and outsourcing

Scale-employment flexibly, work on a project basis, and optimise labour costs. Thanks to outsourcing and personnel secondments, you will be able to quickly adjust the size of your workforce to the needs of your company. How can you do this?

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We will provide you with a comprehensive HR and payroll service which is supported by modern technology, so you can focus on the key areas of your business. You will eliminate any unnecessary paperwork, and at the same time you will be sure that we are conducting your business in a timely manner, and in accordance with the applicable regulations. Interested?

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HR Consulting

When you lack the information to make strategic or operational decisions, we will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. Gain access to intelligence about the labour market, local-trends analysis, and the latest HR solutions and tools. Do you want to create an effective system of remuneration or periodic assessment, analyse job descriptions, or maybe conduct an employee-satisfaction survey?


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Recruitment and IT Contracting

Do you think finding, attracting, and keeping good IT employees are difficult? You should take advantage of our support. We provide access to specialised IT staff within our recruitment resource, which we can extend to external employment.


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How do we work?


Clarifying recruitment needs


Defining and calibrating criteria for skills, personality, education, and eligibility 


Developing processes

Establishing a recruitment schedule

Choosing tools

Establishing indicators for project implementation, communication and reporting



Direct search - SEO/Boolean/X-Ray
Recruitment campaigns in social media
Content/video marketing
Recommendations: Headhunting



Job vacancies

Candidate database


Telephone verification

Behavioural interviews



Report on matching qualifications and soft-skills characteristics


Client’s candidate interviews

Selecting the employee


Talent Pool Analysis

Quantitative research on the availability of candidates: 30%  active vs. 70% passive candidates - STRATEGISE - FIND - ENGAGE


Traffit, Thomas, Google Analytics, Landing pages

Check how we contribute to the development of our Clients!


Project: the expanding of the Procurement team in the shared-services centre; employing specialists and senior specialists with a command of the German language.


Solution: launch a dedicated recruitment team; applying the direct-search process and support through social-media campaigns.


Results: the identifying and recommending of 70 candidates meeting the selection criteria, within 3 weeks from the start of the project; the engagement of 20 specialists in accordance with the Client's schedule.


Project: the taking over of responsibility for current recruitment, taking on employees, and providing full HR and payroll services; developing a remuneration benchmark; minimising the risk and scale of turnover and the imprecise matching of candidates with the organisation.


Solution: implement a hybrid solution based on RPO and Temp-to-Hire architecture, supported by a dedicated ATS module (recruitment- and employment-process monitoring, onboarding and reporting).


Results: the creation of a team of production employees (50 persons) and the recruitment of management staff - warehouse manager, production manager, plant manager; the ongoing maintenance of the workforce under the Temp-to-Hire formula; full support in the recruitment and management of employees.



Project: the mass recruitment of customer-service agents (with a command of foreign languages) to the newly established service centre


Solution: build a dedicated database of candidates based on the analysis of the availability of candidates for each foreign language; the implementation of a recruitment process based on the architecture of the RPO solution (a dedicated ATS module); the implementation of a dedicated marketing campaign in social media (targeting and geo-location).


Results: the recruitment of 72 candidates in the first wave (3 months); the establishment of a database of candidates (including those with disabilities) for future recruitment needs.


Project: the taking over of responsibility for the ongoing recruitment of teams of documentation specialists and middle management (including people with disabilities); minimising the risk and scale of turnover and improper matching of candidates with the organisation.


Solution: implement a hybrid solution based on RPO and Temp-to-Hire architecture, supported by a dedicated ATS module (monitoring the recruitment and employment process, onboarding and reporting).


Results: the current maintenance of employment in the Temp-to-Hire formula at the level of 120-140 FTE; weekly recommendations of 10 candidates, employment growth at the level of 5 – 7 persons per week.

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What makes us different?

We are not a corporation - we act quickly and effectively


Our Clients say that we have a unique ability to combine speed with quality. We are committed to making quick decisions and adopting new technologies.

An individual approach to each Client


First we learn, then we create solutions. Never in a different order.

The biggest brands from all over the world trust us


We are close to our Clients. We build strong relations through trust.

90% of our Clients recommend us to other companies


Recommendations are the most-valuable reward for us.

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